The Human Flipbook

Has anyone seen the Human Flipbook for Erbert & Gerbert’s?

Well, let me first start out with a little information about Erbert & Gerbert’s. Erbert & Gerbert’s is a growing of sandwich shops in the Midwest. Looking for an innovative way to advertise their brand and sandwich shop, their creative team developed the Human Flipbook.

Check out the making of the Human Flipbook commercial below.

What it takes to make a human flipbook? Well, in this case it takes a whole lotta t-shirts and some pretty steady hands on the camera. Very creative job!

Other ideas for human flipbooks would be a flip book with a hat, shoes, jackets, etc. It would be cool to transform a cool clothing designers clothes into a flipbook and make it a promotion. I suppose there are tons of ways to use flip books to make scenes, advertisements, and other promotions.