A flip book is a simple “moving picture”

A Flip Book is a simple “moving picture” toy made as a small bound book with pages or frames with individual photos or pictures to show a series of movement. When the pages are quickly flipped through the images will look as if the scene is moving.

This visual experience is called “persistence of vision” (each image that your eyes see will actually stay visually a fraction of a second longer than what is actually shown causing that fluid picture motion). Flip Books were made in a variety of topics and themes at the turn of the 20th Century.

Looking for another sample flip book? Look no furthur than this flip book sample.


Submit Your Favorite Flip Books

Calling all my readers! Take a moment to review your collection of flip books whether you’ve collected them or you’ve created the flip books.

Post a comment and send me an email and I will highlight the top ten flip books from those submitted. The deadline is next Friday, February 13, 2009.

I will begin posting the top ten flip books starting February 15, 2009 if I receive enough submissions. If not, I guess everyone will need to search Google for some flip book ideas.

Make Your Own Flip Book

Looking to make your own flip book? Need to get a head start with a little flip book tutorial?

I recommend visiting the Make Your Own Flip Book page.

  1. Simply visit  this page, then print out these frames and glue onto individual index cards in the same position.
  2. Staple the left edge together, or use a rubber band to keep the cards stacked in a little book.
  3. Flip them cards with your thumb, and watch the kanga go cosmik!
  4. And hop backwards onto earth again…
  5. Use color or add images to customize your flip book.

This is a very simple exampe to making a fun kangaroo flip book!

Action Speak Louder Than Words

Another interesting spin on flip books is TruAction Flix “Patented Flick Book” (flip book) design that allows a variety of sports, animation and advertisers to impact people of all ages. The actions produced come to life through the  senses, “sight, sound, touch” and best of all “imagination.” When it comes to “movement, motion and action” TruAction Flix is in a league of their own. Flip through to see bone crushing hits, game winning catches as well as history changing moments and so much more produced in hi-resolution footage.

Check out the TruAction Flix demo flip book of NASCAR’s Carl Edwards.

These flip books can show up to 4 scenes to use as a promotion, favor, and help make “action” speak louder than any words!

These flip books are super fun!

Flip Book Product – Fliptomania

Featured Flip Book Product – Fliptomania

Flip Books are the Best!

Flip Books are the Best!

Flip books are those little books that show a short movie clip right in your hands when you flip rapidly through the pages. Flip books have been around for well over a century, and evolved from devices with weird names like thaumatropes and zoetropes. These brilliant innovations created the illusion of movement on a viewing surface.

Flip books are indeed the original “motion pictures.”

Fliptomania artists create some of the most unusual, sophisticated flip books ever made. They use an array of elements and styles – hand-drawn animation, 3-D animation, film, photography and cultural icons. They create original film footage and use classic footage, too. Most importantly, they combine it all with our unique artistic sensibility.

Flip Book Kit

Flip Book Kit

In business over 10 years, Fliptomania’s flip books and flip book kits ( see above) can be found in shops around the world. They’ve also created unique custom flip books for a variety of corporations and advertising/marketing firms.

I recommend Fliptomania and their flip book products to my readers.

The Official Flip Book Lens

As you know by now and with the title of this blog, flipbooks are the focus. Well, as I always am, I was searching online for new ways to promote flipbook ideas and samples.

During my search I came across “The Official Flip Book Lens“, located on Squidoo.

Basically, this flip book lens is setup to be a documentary about one person’s flip book business success. It’s in the early stages of a dialogue, but it looks very promising.

There is a new way to make flip books and this lens talks about how flip books were rejuvinated in the process!

The History of Flip Books

Today I found a very resourceful flip book website – flipbook.info. Flip Book Info provides a comprehensive database of Pascal Fouché’s flip book collection of more than 4,900 flip books.

Also, on Fouché’s flip book website, flip book fans and users can find a historical overview of flip books. This information includes:

  • The origin of flip books
  • The different names for flip books, flick books, and Abblätterbuch
  • Flip book formats, dimensions, etc.
  • Among other historical flip book information

Flip Book Info is a concise website that is a great resource.

The flip book sample videos are a real treat: