Flip Book Product – Fliptomania

Featured Flip Book Product – Fliptomania

Flip Books are the Best!

Flip Books are the Best!

Flip books are those little books that show a short movie clip right in your hands when you flip rapidly through the pages. Flip books have been around for well over a century, and evolved from devices with weird names like thaumatropes and zoetropes. These brilliant innovations created the illusion of movement on a viewing surface.

Flip books are indeed the original “motion pictures.”

Fliptomania artists create some of the most unusual, sophisticated flip books ever made. They use an array of elements and styles – hand-drawn animation, 3-D animation, film, photography and cultural icons. They create original film footage and use classic footage, too. Most importantly, they combine it all with our unique artistic sensibility.

Flip Book Kit

Flip Book Kit

In business over 10 years, Fliptomania’s flip books and flip book kits ( see above) can be found in shops around the world. They’ve also created unique custom flip books for a variety of corporations and advertising/marketing firms.

I recommend Fliptomania and their flip book products to my readers.


Flipbooks: Interactive Party Favors

Have you heard of the latest trend for wedding favors, party favors, and corporate event favors? Well, if you haven’t heard about or seen flipbooks at a wedding, party or corporate event you have been to, then you’re missing out.

A Little Scene Flip Books, based in San Diego, is helping make events more memorable and entertaining with interactive party favors! A Little Scene is a mobile flip book studio that can produce professional and personalized flip books of your event guests. Basically, they shoot a 6 second video and capture the frames and print them. From there, they take the printed sheets of paper and cut them to produce your personal flipbook. They even wrap the flipbook in a custom cover to add to the keepsake. It’s definitely a party favor that will never be thrown away.

It’s fun to create your scenes and give the books a little flip!

Not only is it great to see the finished flipbook product, it’s a great time to gather around the flipbook studio and laugh as other guests make their little scenes.

Flipbook Studio at a Wedding, Creating Wedding Party Favors

Flipbook Studio at a Wedding, Creating Wedding Party Favors

The Official Flip Book Lens

As you know by now and with the title of this blog, flipbooks are the focus. Well, as I always am, I was searching online for new ways to promote flipbook ideas and samples.

During my search I came across “The Official Flip Book Lens“, located on Squidoo.

Basically, this flip book lens is setup to be a documentary about one person’s flip book business success. It’s in the early stages of a dialogue, but it looks very promising.

There is a new way to make flip books and this lens talks about how flip books were rejuvinated in the process!